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2010-04-09 - LS-30 GSM interface

The LS-30 can notify an alert via its internal PSTN interface. There is also an optional GSM interface (pictured), which takes a SIM card and can be used instead of or in addition to the PSTN notification.

LS-30 optional GSM interface

Alerts are notified via SMS message at first, and this is followed by a voice call. Five numbers can be configured for GSM. The SMS message looks like this:

Burglar       01-03 19:19 2010/04/02

The "01-03" refers to the device which triggered.

My monitoring software can detect a Burglary message and SMS me directly. I get the impression that it takes a couple of minutes for the LS-30 to get around to sending an SMS. It may be that the LS-30 takes time to check the PSTN line for a dial tone. The LS-30 seems to try to alert via PSTN first, and tries GSM second.

My monitoring system sends an SMS of this form:

Burglary at Fri Apr 9 10:48:50 EST 2010 zone 500 group 00

The zone and group numbers would correspond (on a real burglary) to the "01-03" shown above.