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2010-04-04 - Reverse-Engineering the LS30

In February 2010, after long investigation, I purchased an LS-30 Alarm System From Securepro Security. Having moved recently, I needed an alarm system. I'd had many years experience with the Solution 16 (PDF) range of alarms, originally designed and manufactured by EDM (a Zeta Internet customer) and now owned by Bosch. But I thought perhaps technology has improved in the meantime, and I wanted something more powerful, configurable, ... more geeky. That's the LS-30.

View of LS-30 from the front

The LS-30 is an alarm system designed for self-installation in a home or business. It communicates wirelessly with its devices, which include:

It is very configurable, and according to the vendor has "more features than any other system available". Except perhaps for very expensive commercial systems. What appealed to me though, was the ethernet interface - I can plug it into my network and (hopefully) configure it remotely.

I have begun to reverse-engineer the LS-30 communications protocol. Furthermore, I have released my code under the GNU General Public License (Version 3) so others in the community can benefit from this effort (and help me finish the job). See the links in the left column to my GutHub project.