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2008-02-09 - The bank, a law unto itself

Importing my bank account history today from a CSV file exported by the bank's website, as I do every month, and the import failed. The reason was that the bank changed the dates on several transactions made from December 2007 to as early as April 2006. The dates were changed from 17th or 16th to 15th in each case.

What is it about banks that they can arbitrarily change transaction dates, even 12+ months after the transaction occurs? This could have been legally problematic for me, say if I had to transfer money by a certain date (and did that) and sometime later the bank's "official" record of the transaction has changed.

What has happened is that my financial records now no longer agree with those of the bank, for no good reason, and I have to adjust mine accordingly, or else there will forever be a discrepancy.