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2007-02-17 - raid1 superblock version

It seems that the software raid1 superblock version 1.0 is not fully supported by linux. I created two raid1 arrays, one with a version 0.90 superblock and the other with version 1.0. During kernel boot, the md autoconfiguration found the 0.90 superblock array, but said it could not find a superblock for the other array.

Furthermore, LILO refuses to install onto a raid1 array with a version 1.0 superblock. As soon as I converted it to version 0.90, LILO worked fine.

Lastly, the manpage for pivot_root(2) fails to note that the system call cannot be used to move away an initramfs. I dug into the kernel source code and it's clearly noted in a comment above the function definition.